Chuangjia Characteristics of oil mist

our automatic oiling system has solved all the problems completely.
1Add oil in the form of oil mist by high pressure gas ,lubrated all the main parts.
2The addition of the oil can be controlled by computer.
3Every 2 or 3 heads make a group of oiling units. When they are add oil, they are controlled by computers, arranged in groups and arranged sequentially, so as to ensure that each head is oiling well proportionally, and is completely unaffected by the number of heads.
4The oil is in the oil pot if not start the system. no oil in the pipe at all.usually add oil only need 2-3s , so very very little oil will be leaked out if the pipe is broken.
5Oil mist is transferred by high pressure, so it can dredge the pipeline.
Technology advantage:Each head is oiling well proportionally by high pressure gas. You can set the the time、quality and frequency by computer. This system also have dust removal function .