PeaceBird---The top 500 private enterprises in China

Peacebird clothing group is the international leading "fast fashion virtual united" management model and the creative, design and marketing of clothing brand as the main body, diversified development of international processing trade, commercial investment industry for the two wings of a comprehensive group, the number of employees up to more than 5680 people.

Since 1996, peacebird has been ranked as a two hundred strong units in the sales revenue and profit of the national clothing industry. Since 2000, peacebird has been awarded to the top 100 enterprises in Ningbo, the top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang, the top 500 of the national private enterprises, and the top 50 tax of Ningbo (34), and the "peacebird" has also been awarded to "China famous brand" and "China". The national famous trademark "and other honorary titles." Peacebird's clothing industry, the company has maintained a high-speed growth of 40~50%, the national marketing network has also been over 24002011 years to achieve 6 billion 800 million yuan in operating income, the size of the sales of the top 10 of the national garment enterprises.