Grace---The first brand of Chinese towel

Founded in 1986, Grace group was formerly Zhejiang Grace towel Co., Ltd. Headquartered in beautiful scenery, gathering of talents, has a long history of the ancient capital of Vietnam, Xi Shi's hometown, is also the national excellent tourist city - Zhuji City, Zhejiang province.


After more than thirty years of pioneering and innovation, we have the production and development base of Zhejiang, Xinjiang and Hubei, with more than 4 billion yuan of total assets and more than 6800 employees. It has become a collection of spinning, dyeing and finishing, weaving, marketing and logistics, with towel products as the core, underwear, socks and household goods. A group of developing groups.

The company's core strategy is "strong quality and strong brand". The founder of the company established the nine word management policy of "heavy quality, good faith, brand creation" in the early days of enterprise creation, established the quality concept of "making quality with morality", with the idea of "making the best cotton in the world to be the best product in the world", to "make the first brand of Chinese home textile industry", " Building international Grace "as the strategic goal, leading the rapid development of enterprises.