fordoo--China's leading brand of men's wear

FORDOO Clothing Co., Ltd. is a well-known large garment enterprise owned by Hongkong FORDOO group in 1988 in Quanzhou, China. The registered capital is one hundred million Hong Kong dollars, the FORDOO Industrial Park covers an area of more than 100 mu, the building area is nearly 150 thousand square meters, the classical beauty and modern beauty of Qin Han architecture, the modern advanced interior FORDO O, air Tiancheng is currently the largest production base of trousers and one of the five largest men's clothing production bases in China. FORDOO, a national brand of concern, won the trust with the western trousers standard and gained honor by strict quality. As a specialized and serialized sole proprietorship which integrates product development, design and research, production and marketing, FORDOO, after twenty years' development, its brand image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At present, FORDOO brand sets dozens of Honors: "China well-known trademark", "China famous brand products", "national quality inspection products", "China's 500 most valuable brand", "industry double hundred units", 2005 CCTV "clothing mark", the 2007 "the top ten brands of Chinese clothing industry", 2007 "Standardized advanced units".